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I really haven’t used the Anime tag in a while…actually I’ve only used it once, so for the next few weeks I’ll just show everyone everything that’s in my anime room. It might not take a few weeks, but who cares? It’s my blog, and it’s about having fun right? Anyways, so these are my model kits. I don’t have very many Gundam model kits, because I just started recollecting them again. I like the Gundam Wing Endless Model Kits the most! From left to right is Wing Zero, Deathscythe Hell, and the Altron Gundam. I am missing Heavy Arms and Sandrock, but I will get them later. I know I am also missing Epyon and Tallgeese from the regular set, and then the other 1/144 grade models, but I really don’t care about the smaller sizes. I prefer the big sizes like these! Can’t wait to get more, and please don’t tell me to get the LP Gundam Model kit as I DON’T want it. The thing looks hideous IMO bleh. If you also mention you have it on this blog then good for you! Meant in a good way :).

Have a nice afternoon everyone! If you had a nice one already then yay!

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