Yay For Friday! ♫

I just wanted to say YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY IT’S FRIDAY AND I HAVE NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE TO SAY! Well, I am almost done with everything, and I was reading YouTube comments; and can’t help but think if people are being serious or trolling…or the fact that they are complaining. Oh well! I am about to go to the bank and Post office to do stuff. Then after that come home, and do nothing? I don’t know…I have no idea what I am doing this weekend.

Last night I ended up dropping all the pizza’s on the floor. It was either catch the plate or catch the pizzas. I chose catch the plate haha. I figure the plate not breaking was more important then the pizza’s! I did manage to save one slice, so Robbie could bring something to work tomorrow. He wasn’t too happy either way…MEN! Don’t make me roll my eyes at you.

Also had to restart my Kingdom Hearts game, because I totally derped it. Not looking forward to playing the beginning all over again. My strategy guide was shipped from Amazon today, so I’ll start again when I get that. Might just restart the boring island part again. I hate the racing Riku part, because I suck at jumping.

Anyways I re-signed up on Smosh’s site, because I got tired of waiting for them to transfer my account over. The forums still suck badly but whatever. I can’t really do anything about it! Oh, and if y’all have an LPF account that needs fixing PM me, and I can fix it. When I mean fix I mean recover your account where you forgot your password to. Possibly e-mail as well. I don’t know! Haven’t tried that part.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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