Mail! ♫

I am usually good at remembering what comes in the mail, but this month and last month wasn’t so good. I had to make a list of everything I got in. This list sort of went from big to small with incoming packages, which is obvious.

I am getting mail from –

1. GroundCtrl – Poster – Received
2. Ebay – Three Model Kits – Received, Manga x2 – Received, YGO! Card – Received,
3. Disney Movie Store – Up! – Haven’t received
4. Amazon – Two Puzzles – Dragon & Orcas – Haven’t Received
5. Singapore – Package from friend – Received

FedEx –
1. Hot Topic – Linkin Park LTs Shirt – In Transit – Suppose to be in today

1. MovieStop – Watership Down – Hasn’t come in yet.

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