#LinkinParksRAOKYear – #3 ♫

Today I went to a comic shop that I decided to volunteer at! It was great, but my legs are so sore from the constant walking and standing around all day. You can tell I am not use to this stuff. All I did was inventory, dust, and put things back on the shelves. I made the occasional mistake here and there. Almost knocked over a glass stand with expensive statues on it! That wouldn’t have been nice, because some of those range from $30 to $150. Not cheap at all! I did see a very nice Gambit figurine I wanted! Only $150 no biggy HAHA! If I had that kind of money that would be nice!

So anyways I inventoried many things from the shelves that had many DC Universe figurines, the occasional Marvel, and the odd one out type of figurines. It was fun! Keith, the store owner, was surprised I was taking the extra initiative to dust in places he didn’t tell me to dust. When I was done I stayed behind the counter to help place price tags and bar codes on items that needed to be counted and placed in the computer. We had to go through many boxes that the statues came in, and we placed all those on top of the $5.00 comic area! I wish I didn’t place it on the Deathstroke comics, because I wanted to check those out later! HAH!

I think my favorite part of helping out was helping the people get some work done. They had many things that needed to be inventoried, and me being there helped them out a great. I even managed to get all the action figures to face forward on the shelves, and none that were duplicates ended behind each other! They still had many more things to inventory including the manga, and they had A LOT of manga. About three large bookcases worth piled to the ceiling. I had to get a stool to place the action figures back on top of the shelves. It was scary! I kept thinking I was going to fall even though I was about two steps off the ground.

All in all other then the scary thing I was happy with wanting to help Keith and the workers that needed help! I even got a discount on my comics that I bought, Gambit issues 08 and 09! Even the Jericho doll from New Teen Titans I got a discount on! I was kind of surprised, but I didn’t deny it. I told them I would help them more if I could, but I live about an hour away from the store; so gas then and there would be a killer. I am going on the 23rd of March, and I might ask Keith again if he has anything left to do! I just can’t believe how much relief the store got, and I am just plain happy for all of them! YAY!

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