It’s Friday! ♫

Ok, so I stayed up way too late playing Ni No Kuni, and I was so tired I didn’t even take a shower! Ick ick ick! That’s ok! I’ll just take one tomorrow night, and I would in the morning; but I don’t like messing up my schedules on anything. Even though my sleep patterns are always messed up haha! I don’t feel that dirty, but I am sure some people are going to look at this post and say “Ewww! Go shower smelly!” and I am going to tell you to go screw yourself in advance! So there! Yeah, real mature Ally. I see that your age doesn’t show well with your maturity! Haha, anyways today is Friday, and I will be picking up Breaking Dawn Part 2 at Midnight; and yes I will be showered by then. I am not really even going anywhere today anyways. I do need to pick up my tiger puzzle from my parents though that came in yesterday. I can’t wait to start putting it together and puzzle glue it. I might even by a frame for it, because I Really want to do something with it as a part of RAKO. Tomorrow though I go to the comic book store to help with inventory and clean as part of my RAOK! I can’t wait! Yes, there was no sarcasm hinted there. Maybe I will get some ostriches or a free lunch in the process. Thank you Dave by the way for proving me wrong with IMHO. I never new Ostriches was the #1 answer to life!

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