Doesn’t Feel Like Thursday ♫

I honestly thought today was Wednesday! Then I look at my clock on the computer, and it tells me that today is Thursday. Where has the time gone? I am glad it’s Thursday though! means tomorrow will be Friday, and I Can get Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 at midnight then go to the comic shop on Saturday to do some volunteer work. Part of my RAOK, and I am very happy about it! I have a bunch of stuff coming in from all over the place. I am expecting a LPU Poster I spent 2K points on, A Hot Topic Linkin Park Shirt that they just got in (they didn’t have it in my size in store, so I had to order it off line!), Watership Down the movie (which reminds me I need to call MovieStop to see if it’s in yet), and two model kits from ebay. I can’t wait! I also hope I win something off that desk on the LPU. I Should have written down the red thumbtack, because it looked so alone sitting there on the bulletin board! Haha, and yes I did put down the banana but only as item number 10! Knowing my luck I would actually win it!

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