#LinkinParksRAOKYear – Check List – Completion ♫

I am proud to say I have completed 36 Random Acts of Kindness in the name of myself, the community, family, and my friends! It was fun to do, and I hope to do something like this in the near future! Thanks again to the world for helping me become a better person!

#1. Donated books to a local library. – 2/24/2013

#2. Donated used items to Good Will. – 2/25/2013

#3. Volunteered to help out with inventory at a comic shop. – 3/2/2013

#4. Buying a friend something they really wanted.3/8/2013

#5. Gave up two guitar picks to two people who didn’t have any.3/12/2013 and 3/13/2013

#6. Picked Up Scattered Mail.3/30/2013

#7. Letting my brother-in-law, his wife, and kid stay at my apartment.7/22/13

#8. Helped family unload their stuff.7/22/2013

#9. Cleaned Out Room For Family.7/23/2013

#10. Helped relatives with the laundry.7/28/2013

#11. Babysat relatives baby.7/28/2013

#12. Took sister-in-law to the post office to change her address.7/30/2013

#13. Bought sister-in-law lunch.7/30/2013

#14. Took nephew to ER.7/30/2013

#15. Took sister-in-law to a Comcast business location to drop off cable modem.7/31/2013

#16. Dropped off and later picked up prescriptions for Sister-in-Law.7/31/2013

#17. Directed sister-in-law to the post office, bank, and walmart.8/2/2013

#18. Bought sister-in-law a candy bar.8/5/2013

#19. Helped in-laws move out.8/10/2013

#20. Bought lunch for my boss.9/12/2013

#21. Bought a co-worker a lanyard for her ID.9/12/2013

#22. Bought a Diet Coke for co-worker.9/12/2013

#23. Bought Hershey Chocolate for co-workers.9/17/2013

#24. Donated money to a back to school charity.9/20/13

#25. Picked up a stamp for a friend.9/25/2013

#26. Gave boss the other half of my breakfast.10/11/13

#27. Cleaned up the laundry room. – 10/13/13

#28. Took co-worker back to our work place.10/16/13

#29. Donated cut hair to Locks Of Love. – 10/19/13

#30. Bought a ring to support breast cancer awareness.10/19/13

#31. Donated money to help stop animal abuse.10/25/2013

#32. Helped a receptionist open her packages.11/1/13

#33. Bought a candle for a co-workers fundraiser.11/5/13

#34. Took a co-worker to a bus stop.11/7/2013

#35. Bought a kids book from Barnes and Nobles to donate to charity.11/9/13

#36. Helped a stranger with directions11/9/13

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