#LinkinParksRAOKYear – #1 ♫

Today I did my first RAOK for LPFCorner and it was great! I went to the library and donated many books that were children’s, adults, and educational. Some of y’all might go “Why did you donate those books?! They are too good to donate!” and I am going to say, “Because I want to help my local library with these books that my husband and I have no interest in! Besides the purpose of helping the community is to help those around you, and not just yourself!”

Like I mentioned earlier I said I was going to do these acts spontaneously and not planned out, because then that will defeat the purpose of helping those around me. I don’t want to do this just for a challenge, but I want to feel better about myself and know that people around me will have some awesome reading material to read and learn from! The only awkward thing about donating the books was the lady asked me for a receipt?! I told her I didn’t want one and just left. Then I stood in front of the library and took the picture!

I know this RAOK isn’t something spectacular-eye popping post, but to me it is and even the littlest things count towards doing something good for your community! So get out there and do it!

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