Bonefish Grill ♫

The other day Robbie and I went out to eat at a nice fancy, pancy restaurant on our state return we got from the government! Yes, I dressed up in heels, dress pants, and a dress long sleeve shirt. I even wore jewelry! The only thing I didn’t wear was makeup or do my hair since I am not into that stuff! Well, I am not into heels either, but that didn’t stop me from wearing them. My earring ended up breaking while I was trying to get it on to! Stupid cheap stuff from Claire’s! Not American Claire’s either! Japan Claire’s! I am never buying earrings from there again! Anyways, after that mess Robbie and I went out to the fancy-pancy place to eat. Walking to the front in a revolving door wasn’t fun; especially, in heels. The glass ended up hitting my back, and I almost fell over! Not my type of doors! I just got water with my food, and the side dishes were nice! I didn’t eat the chickpeas though haha. The Jasmine rice was to die for! Robbie got fillet mignon with some loaded potato thingy. All in all it was a nice dinner! We went to the mall afterwards, and I got some books to read. I got The Outsiders and Breaking Dawn, while Robbie went to get new shoes! He got New Balances, and I also went to get Ni No Kuni strategy guide. When I got home I couldn’t be more happier to get out of those heels! I had blisters already! Sighs…Oh well!

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