Yesterday! ♫

Yesterday, I woke up at a semi-decent time, and did all my morning routine. You know the usual like take care of cats, make the bed, etc etc etc…Anyways so I went to my parents house yesterday for some lunch and to talk to my mom. I already had my fruits, veggies, and milk; so we just got a thing of powder doughnuts, yes I know so unhealthy don’t remind me, and we talked a bit. I played Sudoku in the paper and somewhat Jumble, I could only get one word unscrambled haha, and that’s pretty much it. I lost my credit card also, and I had to call in for a new one. Seriously, it just sprouted legs and walked off without saying good-bye! Never could find it. Oh well! Poor husband’s credit card is also no longer valid, and we now have to wait a week for it to come in. Other then that it was a fun day!

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Serenity Reply ♫

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