Aftermath ♫

Ok, so my birthday with my mom and husband turned out to be awesome! My mom and I went to the food court in the Oglethorpe mall to buy lunch! I got Cajun food! Haha, glazed chicken with white rice! A little dry but great! I would’ve gotten fried, but I don’t like onions. Anyways, my mom got a cinnabon and I just ate with my bottled water. After that we went to Barnes & Nobles where I bought Twilight – Eclipse! Now all I need is Breaking Dawn! We also we’re trying to find Hidden Pictures for my dad, and we couldn’t awwww maybe next time? The customer service people said that they haven’t seen any new hidden picture books in a while. He only saw spot the differences which we didn’t want. Oh well! Anyways, my mom complained I was being too grouchy. It was true I was, but these meds I am make me that way, so I am really trying to control myself. It’s difficult though! I did have fun though! This Sunday is my birthday party with Cake and my brother will be there! I can’t wait for that!

For my husband we went to the Cracker Barrel, and I had Homemade chicken and dumplings with corn, green beans, steak fries, a muffin, and a biscuit. I couldn’t even finish it all! Just so much, but so good! I love chicken and dumplings and if I could I would eat them every day! Good country food right there! So afterwards we came home, and I pretty much talked on the phone and went to sleep. It was a good day for a birthday for sure! I had fun and Sunday I will be having Schnitzel as well! Can’t wait!

Thank you so much Margo for the drawing! I really love it!

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