The House of the Scorpion – Review – (No Spoilers Don’t Stress) ♫

I won’t go into any detail really about this book. I bought the book yesterday from Barnes & Nobles, and I must say I really enjoyed reading it. The characters were great, and well put together. Some characters pissed me off, confused me, and even made me a little sad; but the still great none the less. The book itself makes you think about people around you and what would happen in a society where people judge you constantly all the time, every second of the day, and just stare at you for being different. This is basically the plot I am reading from the back of the book. Just sit down and think about a world like this non-stop. Not the world we live in now, but in a culture where this judgement is looked on as being OK. I wouldn’t like to live like this, and as for the book in general I give it 4 out of 5 stars. The only problem I had with the book is the constant Spanish being used where I didn’t understand it a lot of times, and didn’t want to keep looking up what the sentences mean in google translator, and yes I do understand why the Spanish was used. Other then that I loved the book, and everything about it! Wouldn’t recommend it for 11 year olds though! Maybe when they are at least 14.

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