Christian Books ♫

Ok, so these books I got from my great-grandmother many many many years ago! I am so happy I got these, because she is a sweet old lady; but I never had the time to actually open them! Which really isn’t an excuse, because I’ve had them for so long you think I would open up the books by now? Nope! I haven’t opened them, and I feel kind of guilty that I haven’t! Oh well, these are some nice christian books that tell stories of healing, power of prayer, and relationships. I really would recommend these books to religious people or anyone just looking for a good read!

Also, please keep your “this book better then that book!” comments to yourself. It makes me a little angry, and I don’t make blogs that are going to start “fights” like that nor do I plan on to. Still love you guys just keep that subject to yourself <3.

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