Happy Late Christmas! ♫

I apologize for the lack of blog posts, but I’ve been really ill; and that puts me in an off-mood to blog about things! Well, anyways I am back for now until said other wise (or I just don’t post haha). With that said I like to wish everyone a very late merry Xmas, or happy Hanukkah if you’re Jewish or whatever. I hope everyone got what they wanted! I know I did! I got Godiva Chocolates (not listed and I got to try champagne truffles for the first time! Never again will I eat these YUCK!), Twilight – New Moon, Brave Blu-Ray & DVD Combo pack, The Offspring new album Days Go By, Pirates of the Caribbean Video Game (has all 4 movies) for PS3, Fullmetal Alchemist Profile book, Calvin & Hobbes Yukon Ho!, Law & order Season 1 (which was very shocking I found this at FYE since this is very hard to come by!!!), LSU Keychain with my name on it, two long sleeve shirts (blue and maroon – not listed), and a little pocket cross with a poem attached. All in all the gifts were nice, but I loved getting to spend time with family, and getting to meet new people! So far this has been a very great Christmas! Maybe next year I can spend it with Robbie’s family again eh? Who knows! I would have to celebrate early xmas with my parents again!

Oh, and I got a cat book that is very descriptive about cats with interesting illustrations from my grandmother, and a nice porcelain Santa Claus vase that is very big! I also got gift cards, and money from my parents too! Thank you mom, dad, and my brother for the wonderful gifts as well! I hope next year is just as great! Thanks for the wonderful Christmas to both families and I hope everyone has a happy new year!

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