Video Games Problems ♫

So, lately I’ve been using my Xbox 360 more then my Playstation 3 for video games, and I am so frustrated with Microsoft. I think it’s about time I upgrade my outdated Xbox 360 to something else, because I keep having problems with the tray not opening regardless of it being on the right side or not. Yeah, next year I am getting another 360 and selling this one! Even the playstation 3 I’ve had many problems with them in the past as well, but lucky my 60 GB model is still in good shape haha.

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2 Responses to Video Games Problems ♫

  1. Tyler Murphy says:

    There’s always PC gaming! Once you get the initial investment out of the way, slight technical issues like this can be updated, fixed, or upgraded individually. I enjoy my 360, but the flexibility of a PC is just too good.

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