Busy Day – Happy Halloween! ♫

Hello! First all I like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, and I hope everyone’s day is spectacular! Today the weather is a little chilly, so I have to wear a jacket when I go out. I went to the doctors today to get my Thyroid checked out, so yes I had to deal with my phobia of needles. Not the greatest thing in the world to deal with, but I made it out in one piece. I hate the fact the lady that takes my blood every time taps my veins to make them pop up, because it hurts like hell! I am like PLEASE JUST TAKE MY BLOOD AND STOP TORTURING ME! in my head. It’s pure hell haha, but it’s for my own good.

Other than that I am going to my parents house later to help my mom with the trick-or-treaters, so that means we’re passing out a ton of candy. They always overstock on candy, so I always suggest to give out more than two pieces. Hopefully this time it’s the same way again!

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