Yay! Finally Over ♫

I can’t believe this! I am finally done with the game! Well, as much as I could get/wanted to get done. I really tried the Abyssal Ruins then I just said screw it. I went back to my little hometown, went to the top of the hill, and saved my game there. I will never look at it again as long as I live. Ok, that’s a lie. I probably will haha. What I mean is now I can get Pokemon White 2, and do this all over again! In the end though I liked the game. The Pokemon Breeder is a little broken along with all the items I can sell. All in all I made close to 800 K in the game without the Relic Crown. Buying x99 Max Repels, x99 Full Restores, and x99 Revives with that kind of money actually makes the game work out pretty well. I guess that’s why there’s a challengers mode because of how broken the Pokemon Breeder is. Seriously, you can keep facing them over and over again till you grow bored, and be the richest out there. Anyways my team all ended up being level 74! I am so happy! I haven’t had this much fun since Pokemon Yellow, Blue, and Red. Yeah, and that’s a long time ago!

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Serenity Reply ♫

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