How Far I Am…Which Isn’t Very Far ♫

Ok, yes In The End started playing in my head. Yes, I also know not the right lyrics. Anyways, so I quit playing Pokemon around 6 AM. Then I went to get breakfast at Burger King. Ahhhhhh the French Toast sticks are the best! Along with a sausage biscuit. Yes Pokemon and breakfast is the best thing ever. Be jealous ok? For greasy fast food! Yay!

Anyways, Kandace and I were playing Pokemon on the phone for five hours last night. I was training in the desert and she was fighting Team Plasma. I kept yelling at my game, and she just kept McLaughlin at me; especially, when I kept shouting out Siggly! Yes, I called that siglith, whatever spelling, Siggly. This caused Kandace to end up saying Siggly the next day! I am surprised she didn’t dream about it…oh wait she just told me she just did.

So far my team is Arcanine, Trapinch, Servine, Sendile, Evee, and Flaffy. I went ahead and evolved my Growlithe, because I was impatient; and I don’t care. I’ll get Flamethrower soon anyways. I still need to find that waterstone on route 19, so I can stop having an Evee. I have a Thunderstone to evolve it to a Jolteon if I wish to, but I have a Flaffy aka Flowie! I don’t need another electric type. This team is going to be sick! I also got fly already, and can’t use it. I don’t have any HM slaves either. Kandace just told me to catch a Pidove, and I’ve only seen three the entire game.

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