Clean Carpet ♫

I am so happy! The carpet cleaning people stopped by my apartment today to give my carpet a steam cleaning. It needed it very badly! There were stains all over the place, and stuff that shouldn’t be there. Too bad they missed one room with all my anime. I had the door closed, but I thought common sense would kick in to open the door and clean it. The situation also hurt me, because I had to sit by the front door to make sure the cats wouldn’t run out, so I couldn’t see down the hallway. Really it was all my fault that I didn’t tell the carpet cleaner to do the room with the shut door. That’s ok though! The anime room isn’t that dirty, so I can just ask for another carpet cleaning next year when I renew my lease. Really, I have nothing left to ask for since I already got a new stove and fridge haha. It took approximately two years to acquire this. Oh well, at least I have clean carpet. It’s still a little wet, but it’s so squishy in between my toes, or was earlier! Right now I am wearing socks. At least it’s dry enough for my movies!

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Serenity Reply ♫

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