Breakfast Food Is Good Food ♫

If I Could eat breakfast for three meals a day I probably would. I love having French Toast, pancakes, and waffles any time of the day. Ok, of course I would add in fruit, vegetables, and milk! I can’t just live off fatty starch for the rest of my life! Then I would never continue losing weight! No matter how addicting good food is right? Anyways, on a different note Photobucket has been extremely stupid lately. I had to submit a request form saying that I can’t access the upload size option. In other words I can’t change the file size, because something is wrong with Javascript. It sure isn’t my computer because I tried it on two others, and still the same thing. So hopefully PB can solve my request as quickly as possible. If not then I will just submit another form. If this keeps up then I won’t renew my promembership. Such a shame too. I’ve had that account since 2006.

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