Gifts Of Books And Things ♫

I really didn’t do anything on my vacation last week. Just video games and sleep. I miss the sleep part. The video games one I could live without. I finished “A Separate Peace” last night, and I am now starting “A Killer in Crinolines” by Duffy Brown. Apparently this is book 2, but so far I haven’t read anything that is complicated. Best part is that this book takes place in my home town of Savannah, Georgia! Really cool!

Oh, I also got my Dinosaur 2015 Reddit exchange gift the other day. This is what I got: This is what I got for the person I sent to: Really cool huh? Next is the bookmark exchange. I got a notification the other day that my package is coming via Amazon, so I have to wait to show y’all that. So instead I bring you the post of bookmarks that I sent to the girl: Honestly I don’t know if y’all can even view these links without an account.

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Vacation Is Over, Reality Is A No No! ♫

My nine day vacation is over! This means I am back to work and writing blogs. I really didn’t do anything over the past 9 days. Well, other than go to the Wildlife Reserve to see cool animals. The Cougar’s and Bobcat’s were finally out this time, and I got to see them! The wolves were being really lazy, the bison were hiding int he trees, and the flying squirrel in a red room was sleeping. All the sites were really cool! I even got to see different types of hawks, vultures, owls, and eagles. The eagles were injured before the reserve to them in. They can only hop and not really fly at all. The site was so sad! I think the coolest thing I got to see was a gator eating fish. Robbie and I went to the lake part section of the reserve, and watch this small alligator snap on tome fish. Kind of cool actually. I even got to see a wild turtle not in the fenced area haha.

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Whew! A Breather! ♫

This week’s work load has been crazy! I haven’t even had any time to write a blog post till today! At least everything is done for the time being, and students are going to be starting to come back in two Monday’s from now. Lucky for me I have vacation next week for an entire week! I don’t even know what to do begin to do! Well, I do, but I am going to try and figure out in what order. Have a great weekend!

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House of Wolves With Americans ♫

I picked up the movie: “American Sniper” yesterday! Well, Robbie did. I am just stealing the credit, because I can. Still haven’t watched it, or taken a picture. Heck, I haven’t even put up my “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” posters yet. GameStop gave us two posters, because they were being nice; and they were double sided. Awwwww, such nice people! Anyways, all I’ve been doing yesterday was playing the new DLC: “House of Wolves” from the game: “Destiny”. Finished the story mission on three characters. Soloed the Titan and the Warlock. Robbie did the highest level the missions the Hunter can offer for some reason. I don’t know why the guy he was with wanted to do it on Level 32 instead of 28. The rewards aren’t any better. Oh well. I did 1x Nightfall (got crap), 2x Prison of Elders (got Truth(2nd) and Monte Carlo (5th)), 3x sets of story missions, and I plan on doing 3x Weeklys, 2x Nightfall’s, and 1x Prison of Elders to finish up the DLC. Then I can do the hard stuff (nightfall wasn’t too bad). The Nightfall was basically the new strike, and oh God the only thing bad about it was the stupid Exploder shanks. Other than that it was fun. Ok, I am done ranting about a game that probably only a handful of people on here play haha.

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Just Can’t Decide On One ♫

Since I am finally all done with the books that’s been on a GoodReads list for a while I can read another book. I got “A Separate Peace” from one of my Reddit Gift’sperson from the “Book Exchange 2015”, and I am finally cracking into it! I know it’s on many school’s reading list. Preferably the 8th grade list, but that doesn’t bother me. So far I am loving it, and it’s not even that long. Really the only high school book I couldn’t stand was “A Tale of Two Cities”. It was so boring. Outside of high school I still find “The Hobbit” the most boring book I’ve ever read. What’s the most boring book y’all ever read?

My vinyl collection is starting to grow, but I still don’t have a record player. I picked up My Chemical Romance’s “Three Cheer’s for Sweet Revenge” on Sunday from Hot Topic. Was kind of shocked to find it there. Then again I was shocked to find many vinyl’s like Hybrid Theory at Barne’s and Nobles. I just want to buy all the vinyl’s I want without repercussion!

I signed up for FOUR Reddit Gift Exchanges this time! Arbitrary 2015, Dinosaurs 2015, Warner Bros Animation 2015, and Bookmarks 2015. I wanted to Disney, but four exchanges is enough. Warner Bros Animation is for Robbie, so I can request some DC stuff. Since the animated movies and cartoons were put out by Warner Brothers. Cool huh? Here’s the link just in case any one is interested in joining: It really is cool!

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