Cold, Comics, And Cars ♫

It’s so COLD today. 35 F when I stepped out this morning, and I am still cold sitting in this mail room. I have to leave in about 40 minutes to go get the mail, and then I have to sort that. I really hope this day goes by fast. I want the weekend to be here! At least the sun is shinning finally, and there’s no more rain! I guess it’ll be warmer by the time I get out of here.

In other news I got Star Wars #2 yesterday from MovieStop! I already read it, and I really like how the series is going. The entire series takes place after A New Hope. I also really need to pick up Darth Vader #1 when it comes out towards the end of the middle of the month.

This weekend I am taking my car in to get a front en alignment. I had to get a new tire yesterday due to a nail being in the side wall where it can’t be patched. I am also getting an oil change, so that’s a good thing. Still need to go to CVS though during lunch today.

Have a nice weekend!

New #starwars issue!

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Reddits And Birthdays ♫

Yesterday was my birthday! Yay! I got everything I wanted to get done yesterday. Which was just cleaning the apartment, and washing my car that now needs either a new tire or a patch in the old tire. My husband is taking the tire to Savannah Tires today to get it looked at. He has the day off from work, because he got sick; and was sent home. I am currently driving the new car, and the seats are mega comfortable. I got done with my anime room last Saturday by the way! I am so happy and proud of what I’ve done.

Now on for my birthday! Robbie, and I had cake! Just cake though. We were suppose to go out to a Japanese restaurant called Masato’s for dinner, but I didn’t feel good. I felt bad even before I had cake! That’s ok, because we’re going this weekend. Also, we still need The Hobbit 3, but hopefully it’s still in theater’s this weekend! I got some cool gifts, and a card from my friend that actually came out on my birthday!

In other news, I signed up for the Reddit Gift Exchange program again! I did the “pens and stationary” thing. The person I got paired up with is from Michigan, and only wanted “Sharpie fine pens.” Let me tell you, 8 of those cost me $12! Just for sharpie pens! So expensive! Oh well! I am sure she will love them. She didn’t want any stationary, so I didn’t buy any. But I did include a nice card that has a flower design, and told her to have a good day when she gets it!

Just received your card @lauralou1125! Thank you so much <3 #blessed #friends

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Happy #birthday to me!

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#procrastinating ♫

ALMOST DONE with the stinking room! EVERYTHING that is not action figures is off the ground. Once I was done putting all the stuff up I had to piece things back together as far as action figures that fell apart from me stepping on them, or they just fell off altogether. I can’t wait for this crap to be done. SO MANY DBZ FIGURINES I HAVE. It’s so darn ridiculous!

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I Need To Stop Procrastinating ♫

YES! I finally got all the non-anime stuff out of the spare bedroom. It’s sitting in the hallway now covered up with a ton of blankets just in case my cats decided to be nosy. Now all that’s left is DVDs, action figures, and the occasional jewelry. Trust me it’s not as bad as it was before. I am slowly getting finished with it. I kept getting distracted with last night’s new episode of Arrow. I would just finish during commercials. Tonight I should get it done since things are out in the hallway. If not then definitely tomorrow. I can’t leave all that stuff out in the hallway. Oh, and here’s the stuff I bought that’s finally put away.

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I Don’t Know What To Call This Blog ♫

I accomplished something yesterday. You know that guy who does YGO!: Abridged? LittleKuriobh? I managed to confuse him yesterday with tweets about something to do with a guy trolling, and I still don’t think he got me. Or he just doesn’t know how to click “top comments” but regardless I was embarrassed after all that. At least I got to talk to the guy who voiced Yami’s voice in that parody. haha.

In other pointless good news I finally took a picture of my lanyard that Adam signed, and showed them to Lorenzo on Instagram. It only took about two weeks of me shoveling action figures out of the way to get to the lanyards on my other book case. It was worth it. Speaking of action figures I managed to clear another space and get stuff up on the shelves. Then I found out this morning that my Deaythscythe Hell Custom from Gundam Action figure fell over. Thank god for my stuffed Animal Fennekin for catching its fault. The mobile suit broke a leg, but I repaired it. Now it’s good as new, and hopefully doesn’t fall over again. Bad Gundam!

That’s just a stock image from Google, but that’s what it looks like. It’s probably going to fall over again. At least Fennekin will be there to catch it when it falls. I will be going home for lunch today to see what else I can do to finish the anime room.

In somewhat related nonsense I saw that Barnes & Nobles are now selling Gundam Mobile kits. I saw the “Endless Waltz” edition from Gundam Wing, but I got upset, because Wing Zero didn’t look like the one from Endless Waltz. Instead it looked like the regular one from the regular TV show.

Regular TV show:

Endless Waltz: (the one I have)

I’ve been lied too!!! Haha. I need to finish the room first before I go out and buy more pointless things to put together. Or they can be broken like my Altron Gundam. Seriously my Altron Gundam is missing so many pieces. I am surprised it’s even in one body piece.

Anyways, I am cold. It’s too cold out, and I want to go home. Have a good day! Today’s blog has been brought to you by my stupid brain that is just being silly today. Please don’t take this blog seriously. I also couldn’t help but writing this in Abridged Yami’s voice.

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