Black Friday Weather ♫

It’s really cold and windy today! Yesterday the temperature was roughly over 60, and now it’s under 40 haha. I hope the weather changes soon. Go back to being a nice 70 out. That won’t happen though. What’s the weather like where y’all live? I just want the week to end already, so Thanksgiving can come along with Black Friday! I get paid on Black Friday, but I doubt I’ll be going anywhere.

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Sleeping With Sirens And Pierce The Veil Tour Report ♫

This past Saturday I went to Myrtle Beach, SC to see SWS and PTV. The two opening acts were This Wild Life and Beartooth. TWL is an acoustic two person band, and they were ok. I guess a soothing opening to something much bigger is a way to get people in the mind set. Beartooth on the other hand I didn’t care for them. Their mics weren’t working, and I could hardly hear the lead singer. They were the hardest act there. They did get a circle mosh going, and there was some moshing. No crowd surfing through the entire show. I do have one big complaint about the venue: don’t over capacity it! Seriously! I had to stand on the second level, because no one could get to the floor. The floor was bunched up to the stairs, and to the bar. Robbie and I managed to find a close enough spot to be able to see the bands just fine. Other then that I could have lived without the 40 F weather that night. Next time if I go to a sold out show at any House of Blues I’ll know just to get seats if it ends up being to the point on TM saying “not many left.” Ridiculous.

Robbie and I met this older couple who were there with their kids who were on the floor. I thought that was pretty cool, and there was this girl sitting on a stool next to me talking about music. The whole time in the background the music was rap like Eminem, Dr. Dre, Tupac, Snoop Dog, 50 Cent, and Notorious BIG. I don’t think anything else was played. Young kids around me were confused what was being played haha. Oh the joy I had listening to kids talk like they were on the internet, and the fact they were screaming in my ear practically the whole time. I’ve heard the words: the feels, bae (babe* please just say BABE. Bae = BEFORE ANYONE ELSE NOT BABE AWHHHHH THE INTERNET!), alexfromtarget, me af, true, lawl, and I am sure a bunch of other stuff that made me want to punch myself. Please do not use online speak in real life conversations. It makes me loose faith in humanity.

Anyways, Sleeping With Sirens put on a good show. I thought they were going to come out last, but apparently they didn’t. I am glad they played “If I’m James Dean…”, because that’s my favorite song from them. Kellin kept his face covered pretty much the whole time, so I think I saw his eyes once. If that. The crowd was singing along to many of the songs, and everyone was moving with the beat. Nothing else really to say to this. I think the best part is when Kellin covered Iris by Goo Goo Dolls.

Pierce The Veil to me was the highlight of the night. Hell Above was played first, and then my second favorite song by them: Caraphernelia. A girl named Zoey? Cloey? came up on stage, and sat down on one of the crates. Vic knelt down, asked for name, held her hand, and started singing to her. It was cute. I think the girl left the stage all happy. I know I would be. If he asked someone to come up on stage from the audience who wouldn’t take it? At first I thought it was to sing, so I didn’t raise may hand haha. I wasn’t going to do that. They also played King for a Day, and Kellin came out singing.

All in all it was a fun show. Won’t be going back to that venue anytime soon. Can’t wait to see a live like this again! They are coming to NC, but I double I’ll go.

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As The Usual ♫

Right now I am sitting here eating a strawberry poptart, and listening to the co-worker and the other one fuss over the way things the mailroom is run as usual. Before she left they would always do this. I wear my headphones to block them out. It gets old after a while seeing the same thing over and over again. I am going to be sad when the other two workers leave. Their time is almost up, and I am going to miss them. I am going back to my poptart now.

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Everything Went Well And Video Games ♫

Yesterday went well. I was surprised. I guess I had nothing to worry about. She’s not here today due to PT, and some other business. She’ll be back tomorrow, and I hope things continue along this path and don’t stray. In other news I watched TheRadBrad’s part 1 video of AC: Unity. It looks so awesome! I am getting the two re-make Pokemon games this weekend. I think they come out this weekend. If not then next weekend. I can’t wait!

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Give Me Strength ♫

You know, today I was hoping by co-worker wouldn’t show up, but she just walked into the door. God please give me the strength I need to get through today. I really am going to need it. I will be doing the best I can today. Today I will be doing what I normally do, and forget about everything else. Just put on a smile, and get a long with everyone. There is no need to fight, or get into any kind of trouble. I just hope I can do this.

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