Happy Halloween! ♫

Happy Halloween! What is everyone doing tonight? For me I am going to my moms house to help pass out candy. She kept calling me every day to make sure I was coming haha. I had to keep reassuring her I was! Then I told her to quit calling about it. She told me not to be grouchy, and I told her to quit worrying. So it all works out. I don’t know how many bags of candy my parents exactly bought, but my husband said it was quite a bit. Funny thing is my parents don’t that many kids in the neighborhood. My dad is out of commission for a while, so he can’t exactly bring it to work.

Also, yesterday’s blog I get it y’all wanted to talk about Bring Me, but I didn’t write a blog just about BMTH. That gets annoying when the main focus is just on one topic of discussion. I like variety, and yes I am complaining. This has been going on for the last two weeks. When I Read blogs I read everything, and comment about everything. I don’t say y’all have to but it be nice to at least see a comment that isn’t the main focus of the first paragraph.

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Don’t Look Down – On My Co-Worker ♫

So I listened to BMTH’s new song “Don’t Look Down” yesterday. it’s awful. Not just the rapping, but the entire song is just..BLAH. That’s my opinion, and I am sticking to it. You can listen to the song on Sound Cloud – https://soundcloud.com/bring-me-the-horizon/dont-look-down. I don’t care that it’s made for a Soundtrack. It can be made for God or the fans, and I still would think it’s terrible. It has a lot of negative feedback I see too.

Anyways, had a problem with my co-worker yesterday. Miscommunication everywhere, and two items ended up at the PO that shouldn’t have been sent there. This happens when you have a partially deaf co-worker working here. Stick with writing on notepads. It actually works better.

Funny how the title fits this certain blog post.

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Destiny And Music Talk ♫

How is everyone today? Nothing new and exciting? Destiny Servers were down when I went to go play, and I was really sad. I was winning in the Control part of Crucible many times, and I kept getting booted. I knew it was going to come up later, but so many points gone haha. I will just have to make up for it today. I am already ranked Level 3 on Dead Orbit, so I went to New Monarchy to rank that to three. Then maybe go do War Cult. I don’t know yet. I am already maxed out on Vanguard, so there’s no point in doing that. I also heard you can only collect up to 200 points in Vanguard and Crucible. I just want strange coins, so I can get a legendary sparrow.

Enough of that, I want it to be Friday already. I want pay day to come, so I can pay bills; and then do whatever. Then two weeks from that it will be Friday again, and I can book the hotel for Myrtle Beach, SC with SWS and PTV. It’s going to be a busy month!

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My Other Order Came In! ♫ Feels Like Forever ♫

You know, when the Drown video came out by BMTH I forgot to post about the FLF video from OMAM! It’s amazing! I love it way more then Drown. It’s like the storm after “The Flood.” GET IT? I MADE A FUNNY! Since their previous album was called “The Flood.” I love this more than I liked Drown. As many as you know I didn’t really like Drown, so my previous comment still doesn’t matter haha. I really can’t wait for THP Tour. I want to see if there will be anymore colab’s with Austin Carlile. Then I can watch them on YouTube and not worry about anyone of them being taken down by VyRT (darn it Jared Leto!). Actually I just want to see everything with LP and OMAM. I can’t help myself.

Anyways my drumsticks came in! With this paper mache poster design.

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My Order Came In! ♫

Part of my GC order came in on Friday! I didn’t get the drumsticks yet. I am kind of surprised due to the fact I ordered both things separately, and they both got shipped out at the same time. Why they weren’t combined with the order is beyond me, but I am hoping to get them today. If not then I’ll give them till the end of the week to make sure that my order wasn’t just checked off, because of the other order. Either way everything is so cool!

I keep getting asked questions here, on FB, Twitter, and Instagram what most of this stuff is. I’ve already deleted majority of it, because I got tired of seeing the same questions; and people didn’t know what “google” was. I am not answering anymore questions regarding what the items are. Don’t ask me again.

As for how I got the points. Isn’t that also obvious? It’s called being active. You get points by posting and making blogs. It’s really not hard to figure out.

Yes, you have to pay for shipping. Not everything in the world you get for free is free. Be thankful you didn’t have to really spend any money!

Anyways, have a good Monday!

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