Faint Featuring Awesomeness ♫

So the other night was the Hollywood Bowl, and I didn’t buy the VyRT thing. Yesterday my friend showed me a video and told me to click. I did, and I got really excited to see that the title said “Faint featuring Austin Carlile.” I was watching it about 10 times, and was grinning/ I couldn’t believe the singer of my second favorite band was performing with my first favorite band. This makes me excited for November even though I don’t live in Europe and can’t go to any of their shows. I wonder if they will keep doing this? I would love to see it! I also like how Austin was grinning and singing the whole time (not in the mic at times). Who doesn’t want to sing at a LP show? I’ve been singing to every LP song since my first one. It’s just one of those bands you gotta sing along to. Well you don’t but you get what I mean.

My favorite part is when Austin and Chester said “SO I” together. It just fit the mood. Mike’s guitar is still awesome as ever, and those bro hugs. Then I like how all three got on one of the boxes, and sang/played together. Then the end when Chester and Austin are facing each other singing. I really liked that video, and Brad shaved his head! Yay! All the videos keep getting taken down, so all the close up ones are gone. This makes me sad. Everytime I add one to my favorites it gets deleted a few hours later haha. Most were just fan footage.

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Over Staffed ♫

So apparently we have more hired help in the mail room. I am not sure what’s going on anymore as we are over staffed as it is. I heard it’s some project thing, but I am not sure what. My boss never once brought it up to me about this whole thing. I guess I shouldn’t complain. Less work to do while getting paid is always a blessing. Not sure if I really need to deal with this, but more time to do other things haha!

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It’s Monday, So What? ♫

It’s Monday! Instead of dreading it I am going to make the most out of it. it’s just another day to me, so why should I go pouting about how it might be horrible? I am not Garfield. I don’t get bad things happen to me on Monday, because this is real life; and not some made up comic strip where life is out to get me. Let’s all make the best of the beginning of the week shall we?

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Happy Friday! ♫

It’s Friday! But tomorrow I have to work so boo. Y’all probably why I am up so early? I didn’t take a shower last night, because I was exhausted. I literally fell asleep after my Skype session. I think I took too many of my medication haha. No it won’t kill me if I did. It goes up to 600 MG’s, so it’s alright. Don’t worry I won’t take that much. Anyways, this week was alright. Nothing exiting happened. All Robbie has been doing is playing Destiny, so I haven’t been able to get TV. I don’t know what I am doing this weekend. Have a good weekend!

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9/11 Anniversary ♫

Today is a sad day to remember since 9/11/01. I was 15 when the first plane hit. Just sitting in World History class watching the TV talk about an explosion or something on the TV. I had no idea what was going on at first, and then they were talking about a plane. It was horrible, because the second plane hit the tower on live TV. It was played all throughout the day it happened. Wasn’t pleasant watching the bodies jump and/or fall to their deaths. Then the support on one of the towers collapsing. Killing pretty much whoever was left in it. Sad day to remember.

Also, I am aware all the wars going on in the world right now, and they are also sad. It’s heart breaking seeing all these negative things happen to people that lose their lives, and don’t even deserve it. War needs to end, and peace needs to ensue. It can happen. Nothing is impossible.

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